The Asset Insights’ Approach

Asset Insights is leading the way with an integrated and standards-based approach that turns your asset management into a core competitive advantage. Based on real world experience with key industry clients, Asset Insights provides organizations with the ability to rapidly implement an Asset Management solution, thereby saving large customization and startup costs. The integrated set of products leverages the EPCglobal RFID standards, which were co-authored by Asset Insights. Our products go far beyond mere compliance with standards to truly leverage RFID for business insights that drive competitive advantage

Asset Insights’ product strategy recognizes both the business potential as well as the associated technical challenges of implementing an Asset Management solution. Asset Insights’ Asset Management Savant solution addresses these challenges with a sophisticated real-time enterprise solution leveraging the benefits of RFID. Our solution supports RFID, barcode, sensors and controls to enable organizations to deploy the most effective technology to meet their business and security requirements.