Asset Insights Products Overview

The Asset Insights Asset Management solution suite helps organizations to track and manage their valuable physical assets using wireless RFID tags or Barcodes. The Asset Insights Savant framework is a powerful solution that connects computers and physical objects in the real world using wireless tranceivers and sensors. Using our Asset Management Savant solutions, organizations can optimize their business processes, reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve customer satisfaction with minimal infrastructure costs.

The Asset Insights real-time framework serves as a flexible platform for systems integrators and is the foundation of all Asset Insights solutions. This product provides the integrator/developer with a rich set of functionality to build vertical solutions unique to each customer environment, enabling organizations to more quickly realize asset management benefits. The framework is compliant with existing GS1, EPCglobal and DoD standards and provides a number of valuable added features. Our commitment to standards compliance helps ensure customers that our real-time framework is the best solution for their asset management needs.

The Asset Insights Asset Management solution suite offers real time tracking of assets while reducing manual labor and increasing asset availability. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) gives organizations the ability to easily gain visibility and control of operations at a level unimaginable with previous approaches.