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Asset Management Savant

With our Asset Management Savant solution, businesses can manage their assets in real time and perform inventory audits in minutes versus days. With real time data on asset location and status, companies can utilize the power of this information to improve visibility, productivity, and customer service levels, while also meeting government compliance, inventory audit, and security requirements.


  • Improve ability to track and manage assets in real time with RFID, RTLS, Barcode, or sensors
  • Improves accountability and security for tracked assets
  • Reduce labor costs for asset/inventory management
  • Increase asset utilization
  • Real-time RFID and sensor data collection and persistence
  • Secure, extensible asset information model
  • Flexible reporting
  • Extensive Integration Features
  • Supports Passive (LF,HF, NFC, UHF, SAW), Active (433 MHz, Dash7, 900 MHz, etc), RTLS, UWB, Zigbee, Barcode (1D, 2D) or Sensors
  • Supports GS1, EPCglobal, ISO, HIBCC standards
  • Accessible from any browser or mobile device
  • High performance, Scalable architecture
  • Off-the-shelf and On the Cloud

The Asset Insights Asset Management Savant solution is accessible directly using any web browser. It provides a comprehensive asset visibility solution with flexible business rules, graphical mapping, and robust reporting. By leveraging our unique data repository solution, various asset tagging technologies, including Passive , Active , RTLS, Barcode, sensors. can be employed in a distributed network environment. Unlike other alternatives, our solutions can track almost anything, anywhere within your enterprise, using the most cost-effective technology available from any tag vendor.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Client: Any device with an Internet browser can access and manage the system (Windows, Linux, IOS, Android, etc.)
  • Server: (Windows, Linux, Unix, or hosted on the Cloud)