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Edge Savant


Asset Insights’ Edge Savant™ was created to ensure that distributed organizations can manage RFID and sensor events in real-time no matter where they are located. The Edge Savant™ runs on the customer’s local network and directly manages and receives events from readers and sensors. The Edge Savant provides configuration to readers and similar devices, and monitors status of readers, tags, and sensors. A rich filtering capability exists to ensure that only events and objects of interest are processed. Using the Edge Savant, business rules defined at the application level can be distributed to the edge of the network to enable real-time response and control.

Our Edge Savant works with any type of RFID or sensor device including Active, Passive, RTLS, Zigbee, UHF, HF, LF, biometric, environmental, or PLC control, through its edge device driver interface. Higher-level aggregation devices (such as edge servers) are also supported by the Edge Savant in an integrated manner. Multiple Edge Savants can be allocated to provide load balancing, redundancy, and buffering of events in case of network outages.