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What is an Asset?

An asset generally can be anything of value, but in the context of Barcode, NFC, RFID, RTLS, or sensors, an asset is a tangible object or “something that you can touch” which has some important value to your organization’s operations. Assets need to be tangible, so that a physical tag or label can be attached to the surface or embedded within the object.

The “asset value” amount deemed significant varies from one organization to the next, but typically may depend on the replacement cost for the asset or its importance to on-going operations.

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Sylvanus Bent named founding President and Chairman of the International RFID Institute…


CEO, Sylvanus Bent of Asset Insights as a member of EPCglobal, co-authored the ALE and EPCIS standards. EPCglobal led the development of industry driven RFID standards.

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